sunil-chauhan-bharat-darshan-tourismWith a passion for travel, Sunil Chuahan, the owner of Bharath Darshan Tourism entered in travel and tourism industry at a very early age. He was a very organized person by nature who does a lot of research and planning when it comes to advising friends and family on how to travel and book their destinations. Having loved organizing the trips he planned on becoming a travel agent to help others make informed decisions when going on tours.

He was born in the city of Shimla in the year 1986. He obtained his bachelor degree in tourism studies in the year 2005 after getting a diploma in tours and travels under state council of vacation training. He first began his career in the travel industry as a full-time travel agent from the year 2006 with Himani travel Noida.

India, being a highly populated country with numerous tourist spots has made Sunil Chuahan cover 1000 different tourist destinations coming under pilgrimage, adventure and honeymoon packages. He had an opportunity to explore countries in and around India like Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius etc even though his focus remains in the domestic travel sector.

With high ethical moral ground, he chose the travel sector as his career as he feels it is the 2nd largest smokeless industry and plans to grow in his field with careful steps and rise to fame slowly after earning the love of his clients. He started his own travel agency to serve people with honesty and dedicated work while arranging for their dream tours. His agency name Bharath Darshan Tourism is inspired by the tourist’s desire from all over the world to view his country in its rich diversity.

As part of world travel, he has visited almost a dozen countries which have enabled him to gain knowledge of those places and helped him to advise the clients of their travel needs to those countries. He has a vision for his country and strives to provide employment and career opportunities to young enthusiasts waiting to shine in this field. He plans on expanding his business with resorts and hotels of his own in many tourist places to serve his clients better.

He takes a great pride in helping his clients to travel to their destination of their choice and at a budgeted price suiting their needs. His vision combined with unique taste and personal style in arranging the travel destinations makes the trip for his clients a memorable vacation. Sunil Chuahan plans on broadening his travel expertise by visiting new places all over the world starting with his visit to Ukraine this year and extending it to other European countries.

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