Goa is the favorite tourist destination in India for honeymoon and bachelor parties. It is also the popular go-to holiday place for both Indians and foreigners. This state is located on the west coast of India which comes under Konkan coastal belt. Apart from its beaches and nightlife, this tourist paradise offers rich culture, history and nature trails to chill, relax, and rejuvenate. Popularly known as the Pearl of the Orient, Goa portrays mixed culture and heritage of Portugal and India at its best. Be it a cultural tour, spiritual, heritage or recreational one, the land of beaches offers a unique experience for every tourist.

Check out the top tourist destinations of Goa holiday tours with Bharat Darshan tourism and have an experience of a lifetime.

Calangute Beach:

Located in the North Goa, it is the biggest of the beaches and is aptly named Queen of the beaches with its vast expanse of sand and ocean waters. It is popular for both domestic and international travelers with its festive mood and seafood cuisine. Adventure activities like parasailing, surfing, jet skiing and banana rides add fun to the tourists.

Basilica of Bom Jesus:

Churches are an important part of Portuguese culture and legacy. This basilica is considered as a heritage site by UNESCO for its well-preserved architecture. The church contains the mortal remains of St Francis which are well preserved and is revered by Christians as pilgrim site. It is one of the oldest churches in India and is quite popular for its architectural designs dating back to 1605.

Baga Beach:

This beach is most sought out for the ambiance it offers and water recreation activities. The scenic shoreline gives a spectacular view of fishing boats and lets you experience the culture of the finest fishing village. Tourists enjoy basking in the sun and dolphin spotting apart from the boat rides.

Fort Aguada:

It is one of the best preserved Portuguese forts in India over a period of 400 years. Built in the early 17th century the fort defended well from invaders and offers a scenic view of the convergence of river Mandovi and the Arabian Sea. Built with laterite stone, the Portugal military architecture is well represented in its form. The 4 storeyed lighthouse is the tourist attraction in the fort. Part of the fort is turned into jail and is considered the biggest of jails in Goa.

Chapora Fort:

Though the fort was built initially by Marathas, Portuguese invaded and gained control over it and rebuilt again to defend their territory. The fort offers the spectacular view of the beaches Anjuna and Chapora. The perfect time to visit the fort is an evening to enjoy the sunset and relax.

Mollem National Park:

This national park offers the virgin beauty of nature and encompasses varied wildlife and vegetation. Some of the animals and birds which are on the verge of extinction are well preserved here. It is a feast for nature lovers with a variety of deciduous, evergreen forests and perennial water sources. Tourists can enjoy their stay there with numerous dormitories and resorts and guest houses. Best time to visit is in the months of October to March.

Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary:

With a small area compared to other parks, this life sanctuary offers nothing short of a well dreamed holiday. It is a popular picnic spot for families to chill in the lap of nature with activities involving elephant rides and a zoo. A jeep safari takes the tourists inside deer parks and lets you experience the natural ecosystem of wildlife. Spend a night there away from hustle bustle to rejuvenate and indulge in trekking.

Verna Springs:

Located 20 Kms away from Panaji, the kesarval springs in Verna plateau offers a refreshing holiday away from Goan beaches. The spring looks full during the monsoon season and the waters are known to have healing properties. Rejuvenate by taking a dip there and pamper your body with natural minerals present in the water.

Dudhsagar Falls:

The sheer beauty of the majestic white waters of river Mandovi gushing from a height of 1000 meters earned the name Dhudhsagar which literally translates to the sea of milk. It falls under Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary and can be reached by the nearest Castle Rock railway station. The water cascades down from four tiers of hills making the spectacular beauty very much live amidst its lush greenery. Trekking is allowed to reach the bottom of the waterfalls which attracts adventure enthusiasts.

Mangueshi Temple:

The elegant yet stunning structure of this 400 yr temple of the cultural significance of Lord Shiva. Seek divine intervention from the land of Portugal architecture and churches with ornate designs depicting Hindu culture. This is the largest of all temples in Goa and popular among tourists as a must-visit place with its history and architecture.


A visit to beautiful islands of Chorao and Divar takes a short time from the state capital. Explore the islands with a ferry ride and enjoy the quaint tourist destination sporting few villas. The Salim Ali bird sanctuary in Chorao Island provides an escapade for bird watchers to connect with nature. The Grand Island provides snorkeling and other water activities like scuba diving and fishing.

Food and shopping:

The coastal line provides fresh seafood for its tourists and there are many local and international eateries to pamper your taste buds. Flea markets, Saturday night markets at beaches and Mapusa municipal market offers a wide range of exotic and local merchandise along with high-end fashion. Goa is famous for the night parties and disco clubs of which some entertain tourists till early morning hours. These are considered as the most happening tourist spots with all sorts of music to dance to the beats.

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