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Shimla (also spelt as 'Simla') derives its name from goddess 'Shayamla Devi', which is another manifestation of Goddess Kali. The capital of Himachal Pradesh came into light when the British discovered it in 1819. Till then, it was a part of the Nepalese kingdom. In 1864 Shimla was declared as the summer capital of India. After Independence, Shimla became the capital of Punjab and was later named the capital of Himachal Pradesh. In 1903 a rail line was constructed between Kalka and Shimla.
Manali means 'Home of Manu'. Manali has derived it's name from the name of a mythological character, Manu who is supposed to have survived when the whole world was drowned in flood. He then came to Manali and recreated human life.Thus, this area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage.
Mussoorie, popularly known as the queen of hill stations, is located in the Garhwal hills near Dehradun. Blessed with immense natural beauty, Mussoorie derived its name from plants of 'Mussoorie', which were found in abundance here. Mussoorie is a best hang out for summer-stricken North Indians and young honeymooners. This picturesque hill station gradually developed as a center of education, business, tourism and beauty. It also has advantage of proximity to the major Hindu pilgrimages like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh are not far from this place.
Mount Abu has fairly temperate climate even though summer temperatures can go as high as 33°/34°C. Minimum summer temperatures remain at a pleasant 23°C. The weather remains cool because of the verdant greenery covering the entire hillside that includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs.
Nainital is a lovely hill-station surrounded by mountains on three sides. Once this area had many lakes and it was called the 'city of 60 lakes' or 'Chakta', though most have disappeared now. Today, the life of Nainital revolves around the lake of Naini. But there are few other lakes around Nainital which are equally beautiful and attractive as the Naini lake. The gorgeous greens and the majestic mountains add to the beauty of the hill resort.
At a height of 1,829 metres, the ridge tops of Ranikhet are good vantage points for panoramic vistas of Himalayan peaks including the Nanda Devi group. From the luxuriant fruit orchards of Chaubatia, 10 km beyond the Mall, you can get a sweeping view of the Himalayas, especially the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trisul, Nanda Ghunti and Neelkanth.
The name, Darjeeling is derived from the Tibetian word 'Dorje' which means the precious stone or ecclesiastical sceptre, which is emblematic of the thunderbolt of Indra, and 'ling' - a place, hence the 'Land of the thunderbolt.' Located at 6,800 feet above sea level, with picturesque tea plantations all round, Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in the country.
Some six hours drive from Bhopal, this is a really nice place, especially in Feb-March. Its a hill station in the Madhya Pradesh and there are plenty of caves, waterfalls, forests and cave temples. Places like Chhota Mahadev, Bee fall, Panchvati are visited by all tourists. But what I really enjoyed going to were Reech Garh & Dutchess fall. Reech Garh are the caves where bears live and they are localed in deep jungle where few drivers go.
Two and a half millennia after the Buddha walked on earth, another walks in his foot steps.Welcome to Dharamsala, the land of Dalai Lama, a charming little town with elegant bungalows. Dharamsala enjoys the unique distinction of being the chosen home of the spiritual and temporal head of the Tibetan people. There are several places of tourist attractions in Dharamsala that are worth visiting. Dharamsala is better known as Dalai Lama's abode and Tibet's Government-in-exile after the Chinese invasion of Lhasa in October 1959.